Ecological research for a living planet
Ecological research for a living planet

Using Mobile Data Forms In-Field

Will you be using mobile data forms to collect data in the field? Watch our videos below for an illustrative example of their use, and an explanation of how to use them.

These videos were created and are narrated by Bismark Ofosu-Bamfo (of the APN Steering Group). In the instructional video, Bismark explains how to use the Kobo Collect app to collect data once you have already created a data collection form. If you are looking for advice on how to download Kobo Collect, or how to design a mobile data form fit for your data collection purposes, see ‘Designing Mobile Data Forms’.

This instructional video goes over how to find the form you have designed in the Kobo Collect app, how to complete a Kobo form to collect data, how to save forms, edit forms, send finalized forms and how to delete forms. The processes of how to do this may vary between apps designed for mobile data collection.

This video was taken in the field as Bismark’s field assistant Isaac recorded data on liana phenology using Kobo Collect. This video is intended as an illustrative example, whereas the above video dives into more detail on how to navigate the app itself.