Ecological research for a living planet
Ecological research for a living planet

Privacy Notice

The African Phenology Network takes the treatment of personal data seriously. To understand how the African Phenology Network collects and handles personally identifiable information please read the following Privacy Notice.

Data Controller 

The African Phenology Network (APN) Steering Group, are the data controllers for personal information gathered by the APN.

What personal data do we collect? 

What data do we collect from you?Why do we collect your data?Legal basis for collection
Names and email addresses of students, researchers, field staff (typically those involved or interested in phenological monitoring in African countries) and any other interested individuals. To create and manage a mailing list which will be used to disseminate relevant information We will only send you these  communications via email if we have your 
Names and email addresses of people who are the key point of contact for each monitoring site To collate and update an interactive map of phenology monitoring sites across Africa available on our website. Having a point of contact for each monitoring site allows enquiries relating to that site to be appropriately directed. We will only send you these  communications via email if we have your 

How long will we hold your information? 

Both the mailing list and the map are intended as long-term resources. The APN will therefore retain the personal information necessary to disseminate information through the mailing list, and to maintain the interactive map, until an individual requests that their data be removed. In the case of the mailing list, there will always be an option to unsubscribe from receiving emails from the APN with each email sent, at which point we will remove your details from our mailing list. In the case of the map, we will keep it updated and every 6 months we will ask each listed key contact whether they would like to remain on the map. 

Who will we share your information with? 

The mailing list will only be shared with the APN Steering Group, for the purpose of communication. The personal data linked to the interactive map will be publicly available online with consent, to allow interested individuals to communicate with each monitoring site. 

Who can you contact to view, edit or remove your data? 

Any enquiries or requests concerning personal data held by the APN can be addressed to the APN Steering Group by email (

Concerning the collection of your own personal data, you have the right to: 

  • Access: you have the right to see any of your personal information that we hold. You also have the right to know why we hold it 
  • Consent: you have the right to withdraw your consent for us to hold your personal information 
  • Rectification: you have the right to ensure we correct inaccurate information that we hold about you 
  • Objection: you have the right to object to the APN holding and using your personal data. This normally means we would have to comply and stop using your data unless there was a sound reason to continue. This includes the right to object to the use of your personal data for marketing purposes 
  • Portability: in some circumstances you have the right to request a physical copy of your own personal data that the APN holds in a machine-readable format 
  • Erasure: in certain circumstances you have the right to ensure we remove your data 
  • Restriction: in certain circumstances you have the right to restrict how the APN uses your data 
  • Complain: you have the right to complain to the UK Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) about how APN handles and uses your data, and about exercising your data protection rights 

The UK ICO can be contacted by telephone (0303 123 1113) or you can write to them at: 

Information Commissioner’s Office 
Wycliffe House 
Water Lane